We're a social media management company

Mission Statement

We are big supporters of small businesses. Unfortunately, many SBs don't have the social media presence needed to survive in today's world of hashtags, memes and gifs. So, here we are. Using our years of marketing experience to benefit the companies on which America was built!

Here's the skinny on our team

Lisa Simpson


  • Marketing Degree from UGA
  • I AM the marketing department for an $80m professional services firm.
  • Excellent creative writer
  • Great cook
  • I love a good cocktail

Sean Simpson


  • Hospitality Management Degree from Bethune - Cookman University
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Creative thinker & master communicator
  • Golf and Cigar Aficionado
  • Healthy Living Enthusiast

this is how we do it

Our approach

After launching and managing social media for an $80m company for almost 10 years, we're now taking our expertise to small businesses. 

Our Roadmap

  • Conduct Competitive Analysis
  • Review Digital Property
  • Identify Your Company Voice & Create Your Online Persona
  • Determine Purpose Per Platform (PPP) 
  • Determine Social Media Goals
  • Inventory the Assets (pics, vids, etc.) 

How we engage with you

 We take the time to learn about your company. We'll help you articulate your voice and use it to enhance your online presence.

What We Need From You

  • List of Competitors
  • Website Link & Administrative Access to Social Media Accounts (if you have active accounts)
  • Ideal Customer Description
  • Social Media Goals
  • Assets Provided via Dropbox
  • Company Voice Characteristics

What makes us different

We know what many marketing firms charge for social media management and it's RIDICULOUS!! We won't upsell you on services you don't need. 

What You Can Expect

  • An honest evaluation of your current online presence
  • A clear outline of recommended social media platforms and PPP 
  • Relevant, engaging, professional and informative content to increase your online presence & exceed your social media goals

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